Northern Air Cargo presented the 7th Annual Herbie Nayokpuk Award to Iditarod Musher Mikhail Telpin, 59, of Yanrakkynot, Chukotka, Russia at the Iditarod XLI Finisher’s Awards banquet in Nome, Alaska on Sunday, March 17.

The Northern Air Cargo Herbie Nayokpuk Award is presented to the Iditarod musher who best exemplifies the humble nature, sportsmanship and unparalleled spirit that Herbie “Shishmaref Cannonball” Nayokpuk brought to the Iditarod.  The winner is selected by a vote of the checkers along the coast which incorporate the Bering Straits Native Corporation, the region in which Herbie lived, to include checkpoints from Unalakleet to Nome.  The award consists of a unique Alaskan plaque or gift, and 1,049 one-dollar bills stuffed in the pockets of a Carhartt jacket.