Photo by BFK9

Northern Air Cargo (NAC) has partnered with Bethel Friends of Canines (BFK9) since 2018, rescuing dogs and cats from the Kuskokwim Delta area every year to shelters and homes in Anchorage, Alaska. In 2019, NAC shipped an estimated 350-400 dogs and cats from Bethel to Anchorage, with some even making a round trip flight! 

In small villages throughout the state, overpopulation of animals has become an increasingly challenging issue. Dogs go hungry and wander the streets and neglected dogs can freeze and starve.​ The lack of spay and neuter programs and vet services in general in the village often results in unwanted litters of puppies, worsening the issue.

Photo by BFK9

At Bethel Friends of Canines, any dog (or pet) that is surrendered by an owner or found wandering the streets is taken in. The team works to find a foster home in the area and gives the missing owner time to claim their pet. If the pet is not claimed in Bethel, BFK9 contacts NAC to bring the dog or cat into Anchorage to a foster and adoption organization. As an air cargo shipping partner, NAC provides a certificate for a non-profit donation of freight transportation, they book the dog(s) or cat(s) to a flight and get them ready for safe shipment. Loading with extra special love and care, the NAC team ensures the safety of each and every pup.The animal is spayed or neutered after arriving in Anchorage and then they begin the search for their forever home.

NAC also provides assistance with BFK9s spay and neuter programs, meaning a round-trip flight for the pet. The spay and neuter programs help control the population of pets.

 2019 was a huge year for BFK9, rescuing over 550 animals with 129 animals spayed/neutered in Bethel, 25 spay and return moms and 46 local adoptions. NAC looks forward to many years of partnership to come and together, helping to save hundreds more cats and dogs of Alaska!