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Northern Air Cargo has been operating in Alaska since before statehood. Originally founded in 1956 as a partnership between Robert “Bobby” Sholton and Maurice Carlton, the airline was established as a charter airfreight service, utilizing two C-82 “Flying Boxcars.” The airline pioneered delivery of oversized cargo, such as generators and vehicles to remote DEW line sites, mines and settlements. NAC also provided delivery of freight to rural communities on a charter basis, and provided assistance with many emergency situations including the Good Friday Earthquake of 1964.

Throughout the early years, the company developed a reputation for delivering what the customer needed, regardless of the shipment’s size. It was this capability and the dedication of staff that propelled NAC to become the largest all-cargo carrier in the State of Alaska, promoting its continuous expansion.

In September of 1969, the company acquired its first DC-6. With a 30,000-pound payload, the rugged aircraft was well suited for service in Alaska. It worked so well, in fact, that the company acquired 14 more over the next 25 years. Dedicated to finding ways to provide the best possible service and outstanding transportation value, NAC entered the jet age in May 1991. Looking to the future, NAC bought its 727-100 freighter to accommodate Alaska’s economic and infrastructure growth.

In March of 2006, Northern Air Cargo was purchased by Saltchuk Resources, a transportation holding company with companies operating in Alaska such as TOTE, Delta Western Fuel Co. and Inlet Petroleum as well as other transportation companies in both the Atlantic and Pacific. NAC is proud to be Saltchuk’s first airline.

With new ownership also came new aircraft. NAC began operating three Boeing 737-200 aircraft in the spring of 2007. These aircraft are the new heart of NAC’s fleet. Fast, efficient, flexible and reliable, these planes help provide even better customer service than before. They have the capacity to carry 30,000 lbs.  Each has roller deck flooring for fast loading and off-loading of pallet freight, and a hard deck floor to accommodate oversized freight. These are NAC’S first aircraft to feature the company’s new logo.

Northern Air Cargo continues to grow to meet the needs of the Alaska marketplace. Through its subsidiaries and sister companies, Northern Air Cargo and its affiliates provide people and businesses everywhere with a full array of air transportation logistics to handle everything from an overnight letter to the largest project located anywhere in the world. NAC’s philosophy is to provide the best customer service, while delivering cargo as quickly, efficiently and safely as possible.