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If you are shipping a large volume of cargo, Charter Services from Northern Air Cargo may be your answer. Our Boeing 737-300 and Boeing 737-400 are available for charter services to our scheduled service locations, as well as other Alaskan communities that can accommodate a jet aircraft.

With an approximate payload of 28,000-30,000 pounds, the 737 fleet has the capacity to move oversized freight, household goods, and other time sensitive products. 

Charter pricing and quotes are available from on-demand teams of experts. Email for a quote and charter availability. 

Inquires for charters outside of Alaska can also be made at

Flag Stops

Rerouting of a scheduled flight to accommodate our customers needs can be accomplished with a Flag Stop. Flag Stops are ideal for freight volumes or products that are critical in nature, as well as partial loads where a full charter is not practical. Pricing varies by destination and volume. All Flag Stops must be scheduled in advance. 

For a quote on a Flag Stop, please email a minimum of 72 hours prior.