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Freight Estimates

For all OVERSIZED PIECES (greater than 120 inches, less than 168 inches on any given side, and under 48 inches in height, up to a max weight of 5,000 lbs); additional charges may apply. For further information and assistance, please contact NAC Customer Service at 1-800-727-2141 for assistance.

Online Freight Estimator

If your commodity type is not included in the provided drop down, please contact NAC Customer Service at 1-800-727-2141 for further assistance

Number of Pieces* Weight per piece (lbs)* Dimensions per piece (inches) Estimated Chargeable Weight (lbs)
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  • Payment types accepted: Cash, Check, VISA, AMEX, MC, JCB, Diners Club, Discover, and corporate credit.
  • Surcharges, fees and additional tariffs may apply to the transportation of dangerous goods, over weight and oversized items.
  • Items such as snowmachines and ATVs are charged at a flat rate, contact Customer Service directly.
  • Estimated Chargeable Weight is the greater of either DIM Weight or Gross Weight.
  • Dimensional Weight (DIM), is determined by multiplying length by width by depth in inches and dividing total by 194.
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