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Effective date:10/7/2017

(Local Time)
(Local Time)
(Local Time)
Flight #Freq.
Aniak1:00 p.m.2:10 p.m.5:05 p.m.740T, F
Barrow5:30 p.m.7:40 p.m.2:30 a.m.760M, W, F
5:30 p.m.7:40 p.m.10:40 p.m.762T,TH
Bethel6:30 p.m.7:30 p.m.9:15 p.m.730M - Sa
Deadhorse5:30 p.m.9:15 p.m.2:30 a.m.760M, W, F
Dillingham11:30 a.m.12:30 p.m.2:11 p.m.770M
11:30 a.m.1:50 p.m.3:25 p.m.772W, F
King Salmon11:30 a.m.12:30 p.m.3:25 p.m.772W, F
Kotzebue6:30 a.m.8:00 a.m.11:20 a.m.724M, W
6:30 a.m.8:00 a.m.10:31 a.m.722T, Th - Sa
McGrath1:00 p.m.3:30 p.m.5:05 p.m.740T, F
Nome6:30 a.m.9:20 a.m.11:20 a.m.724M, W
7:30 a.m.8:50 a.m.10:50 a.m.720T, Th - Sa
St. Mary's1:00 p.m.3:20 p.m.5:15 p.m.752W, Sa
Unalakleet1:00 p.m.2:10 p.m.5:15 p.m.752W, Sa

For extra scheduled Flagstop flights, please call daily at 1 (800) 755-9464. Actual flight times may vary due to daily operational constraints such as weather.